10 November 2008

Make Up for Underarms?

Dark underarms have always been a problem of a lot of girls. It could be treated by underarm peeling or laser procedures, yet what if you are not ready for these treatments and want to have acceptable underarms asap?

I just discovered this "magic" online, I was actually surprised that there is makeup for underarms. It's called Mucca Muu Whitening and Deodorizing Underarm Makeup. It's available at Watson's for around Php 100.

It won't smear on your clothes or look funny when you raise your arms. If I spot one at Watson's i'll grab it and check it out for myself :) They say it also acts as deodorant but not for those who sweat heavily.

Have you tried this? Is it a thumbs up or does it seem gross to have makeup on your kili-kili?


Lipstickaddict said...

hi there Lace :) Yes I've seen that in Watsons but I didn't buy because. let me know once you've tried it alright?

Style and Relax said...

Hi! Anna, I saw it yesterday but didn't buy yet ^___^

I think underarm peeling is better? not sure, will be visiting the clinic soon :)