10 November 2008

A Girl for All Seasons

I had a great day today, starting from giving my aunt a lovely eyebrow trimming and ending with a Japanese dinner at home. In between, I squeezed in accompanying my aunt to the salon for a haircut and browsing (aka private reading) at a bookstore.

A Girl for All Seasons was generously opened and I had the privilege to hold, smell, and read it for the first time. The golden book features each month of the year and gives inspiration, advice, and noteworthy tips you can follow the whole year 'round. The content of the book is oozing with fabulousity as it comes from famous designers, personalities, and celebrities! Mahnolo Blahnik and Beyonce to mention a few.

The first chapter encourages every girl to keep track of their lives through writing, it even had a crash course for blogging - talk about being updated with the modern times right? I love it.

This is the perfect self-gift this season, it'll give us tons of ideas for new year's resolutions! :) I can't wait to have it for myself, read it during early mornings with a cup of coffee and a waffle. Purrfect!

Read the excerpt here