25 November 2008

When you wake up feeling ugly

The first thing most women do in the morning is a quick glance at the mirror, followed by a closer look and inspection of what your face looks like today. Sometimes, it seems that sleep didn't do anything good because you didn't really get to sleep well.

I'm having one of those days, I am sleepless and I only got to sleep at 6 in the morning today! I woke up at 11AM and I think I look horrible. I can't do anything but try to recuperate today.

1. Drink TONS of water - to hydrate the eyes and skin

2. Yoga - to repair the flow of energy and oxygen to the organs that were affected by sleeplessness.

3. Tea bags for the eyes - to reduce the puffiness and dark circles

4. Take deep and full breaths to increase oxygen flow

5. Sleep early right after nightly facial routine - the nutrients would be better absorbed by the skin

That's all the realistic things I can think of to repair all the damage. What about you, how do you repair a sleepless night?