20 August 2010

Big Mouths Eat This! Chili's Big Mouth Burgers

I just met the perfect burger for cheat days, bad days, and glutton days. Everyday, this burger is waiting for you at Chili's:


Designer is to clothes, and gourmet is to this burger! Meet Chili's Ultimate Mushroom Burger that's accessorized with a rich mushroom sauce that takes the flavor up a notch, and seals the deal with melted Swiss cheese and crispy onion strings.

Beware this hypnotic sign!

The crispy onion strings surely made my tastebuds happy, I wish they'd put more in it but could this burger get any bigger? I am not alone in wishful thinking because my friends loved the mushroom sauce because it's just super yummy and their wish is to have more of it. Talk about a total pig out!

I couldn't believe this, but somehow my tummy had enough room for not one, but two servings of this dessert. B1 and B2 would be scared!

Chili's new Banana Cream Pie. Made of graham cracker crust with banana custard filling that’s topped with fresh whipped cream, drizzled caramel and cocoa powder.


This pie similar to banofee pies is not that sweet, the cream is a cross of a flan and custard which is not too strong on your tastebuds.

Enjoy your Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers and the new Banana Cream Pie at Chili's Greenbelt 5, Northeast Greenhills,Tomas Morato,and Power Plant Mall, Rockwell.