06 August 2010

What's new at Cocktales? Jamvocado!

First of all, I am so sad that Cocktales in Megamall's Atrium has closed shop. That was my favorite desserts place and I wanted to bring my son there. I always crave Cocktales' desserts whenever I go to the mall, my favorite was the Scarlet Red.

Watermelons, tapioca balls, and melon = Scarlet Red

But at Cocktales in Trinoma, I tried something new and it's called the Jamvocado. Actually they have two new desserts, the Jamvocado and the Avocado Fiesta. Now I have a new favorite!

Jamvocado to the left and Avocado Fiesta to the right

The Jamvocado is made of tasty and refreshing avocado, ube, LECHE FLAN, and chewy tapioca balls. It's the Leche Flan that made the big difference, I love flan and combined with the popular favorite fruit Avocado, it was a bowl of unforgettable delight.

This time, I paired it with a healthy Tuna Sandwich also from Cocktales. I always order it with extra chips! It was the perfect ending to a tiring shopping day with my family and friends.

With blogger friends chilling out at Cocktales

And here's a tribute to the Cocktales Megamall Atrium branch, I hope you come back soon! -> Cosmo Chic Desserts at Cocktales