12 August 2010

A Glimpse of Escolta Buffet at Manila Peninsula Hotel

These days, it's a miracle I think I am not gaining weight but it could also be the green tea I drink several times a day. And what better way to celebrate a freeze in weight gain than a buffet?

Escolta is one accessible buffet restaurant inside the Manila Peninsula Hotel. I heard the price per head is around Php 1,500 - I didn't know because someone else hosted the dinner when I experienced their food.

All the oysters found their way to my plate

I swam in a display of fresh seafood : oysters, shrimps, and mussels. The oysters were big and I just loved dipping them into Kikoman with wasabe. I thought I wouldn't enjoy the mussels but they were soft, juicy, and delectable as the oysters.

There's also the Japanese food area where sushi and sashimi are available. What I like best is the seaweed salad I've been searching for everywhere. The sashimi is sliced fresh in front of you and you can choose from tuna, salmon, and another type of fish I cannot remember.

My sushi and sashimi plate with seaweed salad

At Escolta, you can enjoy your favorite Caldereta with cheese and other viands like herbed veal, chicken barbecue, grilled vegetables, etc. They had a crisp salad bar which I didn't had the time to try but my companions seemed to enjoy their greens with a serving of soup which is also available in the buffet.

My seafood plate, I know I shouldn't eat like this! ugh goodbye diet

I was looking for rice to enjoy my seafood with but at Escolta, they only had two types of rice: seafood rice and steamed rice. Although, rice is no biggie when it comes to buffet, I always look for fried rice or yang chow fried rice.

I know they have more main dishes to offer but my plate is attracted to sushi and seafood like a magnet, so I apologize for having little info about the other food available. What I remember though is they also have a carving station for roasted meat.

One part of the dessert spread
, the other half are made up of cakes, cupcakes, and desserts in shot glasses

Now my favorite part, dessert dessert dessert! I rejoice that Escolta had lots of items to offer to people with a sweet tooth. Icecream that you can mix with candies and cookies to become an icecream teppanyaki, native delicacies like buchi, turon, and bibingka, at least 3 types of cake which includes New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge.

My almost perfect dessert plate
which I enjoyed with a cup of green tea

Whatchathink? I think I'm gonna head out to Manila Peninsula next time with my mini family :) Not as plenty as other famous buffet spreads but the quality and choices are excellent! lab it.