18 August 2010

Point your fingers to Nail-a-holics!

It's so easy to forget about our fingers especially when our hands are full (read busy mommies and working ladies). I'm guilty of not having a proper mani and pedi since I gave birth eek.

So yesterday, I thought it would be nice to try Nail-a-Holics in SM Mall of Asia. I've seen them since they opened in June and their shop is such an eye candy with the colorful sofas, their beach wall paintings, and just everything from their logo to their floor are super cute!

Me and my blogger friend Earth looking at nail-a-holic's extensive menu

I went crazy and asked for a Seasurf Manicure, Pedicure, and Foot Spa with Algae Wrap that comes with a free hand and foot massage. Woot! Simply delicious when someone else is doing it for you when you've always been busy doing things for others right?

My nails enjoying a soak, I hear them say ahhhh

Honestly, nail-a-holics is the best nail salon I've ever been too. I am tired of noisy salons where attendants take forever to look for their tools especially foot soaks that drip on the floor, with water that's either to hot or dead cool. Yes?

No wonder I spotted these fashionistas at nail-a-holics too!

Beauty addict Shen

Stylekit Jane

Bea with her cool GE camera

At Nail-a-holics, they're focused on tips and toes so you are sure you're stepping on the right place. There's generous space to comfortably tuck yourself on soft sofa seats with good choice of pillows. Trained and uniformed attendants are focused on you, their tools are clean and organized, and they use the sushal Orly nail polish!

I actually stared in awe at the lady taking care of my hands as she worked on my cuticles like a surgeon without any ouchie boo-boos. My nails looked so neat after cleaning, all she had to do was buff them and they shone like glass after. I skipped the nail polish because I wanted to enjoy the smooth squeeky clean nails I've missed so much :) I took note on how using cuticle oil and nail buffer would already make a big difference.

My tootsies getting a massage

Then, the Algae wrap which was 'whitening' gave my legs a nice glow especially that I was wearing shorts yesterday. I received more than a couple of compliments on how my legs looked great, thanks to Mr. Algae. Girls, get this done before going on a date!

The complimentary hand and leg massage was kinda bitin but of course, if you want serious massage then you can ask for nail-a-holic's Huntington Beach Therapeutic Foot Reflexology. My husband did and it stopped him from complaining too much on why he was at the nail salon with me. In the end he said nail-a-holics wasn't just for girls and he loved the foot massage so much it is now his go-to place when his feet are tired. How macho is that?

Nail-a-Holics is right when they said this was one family place where everyone can be happy. Even barkadas can enjoy spa parties here, just make reservations :) The mani and pedi I got felt more than just that, it was destressing, rewarding, and energizing. It was another level of getting primped at nail-a-holics. Now point your browsers to and make your fingers and toes happy!