16 August 2010

Take a Guess!

When I was young I remember my sister and I use to collect Guess paper bags, that was our cheap thrill. In the 90's Guess was a big hit in the fashion scene and every time any of us gets a pair of Guess jeans, it was such a big deal.

Now more than jeans (because I really have difficulty finding a pair that fits well), I like Guess bags. This time, real ones not the paper bags we used to play with.

Wishing this was my closet

Back when I was in Melbourne, I couldn't believe how there are Guess shops at almost every corner. It was impossible for me not to grab one. Simply put, it reignited childhood memories and started a love for their bags. Casual, shiny, and girly.

I wonder what kids now think about Guess?

I wanted to grab some of these baby Guess items, marked down, tiny, and cute. Perfect for my little bundle of joy. I wished they had sizes for 0-3 mos.

Aside from clothes, bags, and jeans - the Guess Outlet store in Robinsons Starmills Pampanga also has the bling. Guess watches, accessories, and even wallets.