11 August 2010

The Black Pond's - Pure White Facial Foam with Activated Carbon Review

Tried and tested! I was very curious when I saw this Pond's TVC, right away I wanted to try it. Because I want something that can suck the gunk out of my face: -

I say that this product really sucks, as in suck the impurities off your face. Before trying the product I glanced at the mirror and noted how little blackheads where on my nose. After washing, my face looked brighter and the little devils on my nose have been sucked and destroyed by the activated carbon.

This is hardcore product testing!

Compared to other Pond's facial wash, I think this is the best to use after removing your make up with Pond's Cold Cream which I swear by. I get more pimples when I don't use their cold cream. Back to the Pure White Facial Foam, it feels that all make-up and grime are removed after one wash.

One thing I noticed though is that it doesn't help control the oil and sebum on my face. I regularly use Pond's Clear Solutions Facial Wash which really mattifies my oily skin very well. So I think I can use Clear Solutions in the morning and the Pure White Facial foam during the night. I asked someone from Pond's and he says it is perfectly safe to use and combine all of their products.

Me at the Pond's Institute (not really) trying the activated carbon for myself!

The Pond's Pure White Facial Foam is a winner because of the activated carbon technology. It is basically like charcoal that absorbs impurities but the ingredient used by Pond's is activated carbon which has more absorbing power than regular carbon as seen on a microscope.

You can try Pond's Pure White Facial Foam for yourself, it is available in different sizes and even in sachets. Let me know how you find it :)