18 April 2010

Cosmo Chic Desserts at Cocktales

There's a curious desserts bar I've been noticing in malls like Trinoma and SM Megamall. It's name is Cocktales and I have been wanting to try their drinks ever since. Until recently with some friends, we trooped to the Megamall Atrium branch of Cocktales.

Stressed? Paint the town red with Cocktales

The place obviously is geared towards women, they have thrown in magazines that you can read in their stylish seats and even the glasses have a sexy look and feel. I can imagine girlfriends hanging out here to catch up on conversations over their favorite drinks.

Too sexy for you glasses at Cocktales

Unlike what I initially thought, Cocktales was serving more than drinks - there's a smorgasboard of healthy (albeit fashionable) desserts made up of tropical and exotic fruits. Tapioca and sticky balls which are the favorite of many because of their chewy and sweet nature are generously thrown in to Cocktale's unique dessert bowls.

Here is what they look like:

I've decided to order everything that has to do with watermelon which is rich in glutathione and anti-oxidants. Starting with Cocktale's Watermelon Mojito (regular not spiked)

Watermelon Mojito

Mojito is one of the few alcoholic drinks I love (again I got the regular one because I am pregnant) and so my eyes lit up when I read I can enjoy the refreshing drink without the guilt. The Watermelon Mojito has hints of ginger and mint which instantly cools you down.

Cocktale's hot chicken curry

Pasta dishes also available

Then for my main course I got the chicken curry, you get the idea - cold + hot = tastebud festival. Their meals are reasonably priced in case you suddenly want a heavy meal before attacking their dessert menu. The curry was yummy but a bit salty for my palette. I also wish there was more chicken because I can't get enough of anything curry.

Watermelon, melon and tapioca balls

My next watermelon adventure is their very red dessert made with watermelons, melons, red jelly, and tapioca balls. I finished the entire bowl in less than 5 minutes, that's how good it is. The flavors reminded me of my favorite melon milk drink when I was a kid and their generous serving of tapioca balls just hypnotized me.

So if you want to load up on fruits and eat for your beauty's sake, try Cocktales. They even have a dessert called Beauty Boost! Cocktales is located at the Megamall Atrium, fifth level.