28 April 2010

A Toast to French Fashion - Je Ne Sais Quoi

A woman's life is already complicated as it is, fashion shouldn't be. Enter the Je Ne Sais Quoi fashion outlook, where women put "I don't know what" pieces together and magically comes out as a buzz-worthy and unique look.

We've said goodbye to old fashion conventions and mended different pieces from different style perspectives into unique ensembles ready to hit the streets of both Manila and France.

Promod's pieces are ready to wear whenever season and wherever location. Our Je Ne Sais Quoi collection reflects the French fashion philosophy - "less is more" while discreetly radiating a woman's sensuality and sexiness. Something that would make people say "I would wear that!" in seconds, because really - women can only have so much time between brunch meetings and their blackberries.

The Je Ne Sais Quo Look Book:

French Ballet (École Française) - puffed shoulders to lean on, pearls and laces to play with, and a layered skirt to flirt with. A pair of strappy shoes that feels like ballet complete the fantasy of being the swan in the city.

Bonjour! Ahoy!
- the French nautical look is a skill French women have mastered. A crisp look with stripes and whites, accentuated with reds via a chic pair of sunglasses, printed and puffy black skirt, and peep toe flats. Sail away with ease and explore an ocean of the high streets.

Bourgeois Bohemian - one of Promod's strengths when it comes to style is characterized by vintage-looking pieces matched with romantic fabrics and silhouttes. Not to mention ethnic embroidery found on the vest. The pointy shoulders created by the inner blouse gives an instant updated look to this ensemble.

Nomad in l'ete - sunworshippers and travelbugs celebrate l'ete or the French Summer in light comfortable wear with a splash of color in the form of a scarf. Sexy and comfortable, because French women celebrate their body without any fuss - and so should we. This ensemble is simple but with the right dash of accessories like a layered necklace and slim belt, everything deliciously comes together.

In Love with Louvre
- a vintage skirt that reminds of hand paintings inside the Louvre Museum makes any woman feel like a Mona Lisa.Simple yet elegant accentuated by black petals on the chest and a flowery black belt. A perfect ensemble for a creative day inspired by your favorite masters of art.

The Je Ne Sais Quoi styles were created by me and Joe, one of our mannequins would be on exhibit tomorrow at the Megamall Atrium :) April 29, 2010 - 3PM.

Stylist Joe and Fashion Blogger me (Lace)

If you like our work, you can view more Je Ne Sais Quoi pieces at the Promod Store, also at the Megamall Atrium, 2nd Floor. Like our collection, fashionable pieces of Promod are straightforward, uncomplicated, and easy to wear - from the runway to the highstreets of Manila or wherever you want to be.