20 April 2010

Unboxing the American Idol Pizza from Greenwich

I am not so much a fan of American Idol but did you know that Greenwich has created an exclusive and limited edition American Idol pizza?

Together with other foodies, we unboxed the great mystery inside this box (which also has the American Idol logo).

Picnic on your pizza? Yes!

Aside from the shoestring potatoes, it includes 6 more of America's favorite toppings: bacon, beef burger, bratwurst sausage, onions, green bell peppers, and mushrooms. You can get it in either thick or thin crust. Personally, I like the thin crust more for this pizza which is so fun to eat, you can burst into a winning song number.

Thin crust American Idol Pizza gives the perfect crunch

After eating an untraceable number of slices, I am now a fan of American Idol - pizza that is :) While eating, friends from Greenwich showed me the new John Lloyd commercial which you can watch here. It is showed only in Starworld where you can also catch American Idol episodes.

Spot the American Idol speakers? AI fans, get ready for a level up on the American Idol speaker sets from Greenwich which will be out soon.

Then of course what is a visit to Greenwich without their pasta supremes? I tasted two new flavors namely the Bacon Chicken Carbonara Supreme and 3 Cheese and Sausage Supreme.

The Bacon Chicken Carbonara Supreme has just the right amount of sauce and it perfectly sticks onto the flat noodles. Something cheesy but lighter for the tummy.

The 3 Cheese and Sausage Supreme is for those who loves the crunch on their food. It is a new take on the traditional baked macaroni.

Orange Choco Truffle Cake is a perfect marriage of chocolate-y and fruity :)

Also check out their new hot beverage paired with new desserts. I can't wait to go back with friends and enjoy another food trip at Greenwich :) It's like they already have everything that everybody can love about food. Yey!