22 April 2010

The Right Way to Put Sunblock - Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch and Ultra Light

A trip to the resort or beach is not complete without your trusted sunblock, unless you want your R&R to turn into a skin disaster. But did you know most of us are not putting on sunblock the right way? Hence, we still come back with sunburned, peeling, and stingy skin. Without the proper protection, the UV rays will ultimately cause skin damage like wrinkles and other skin impurities.

Jaime putting on the right amount of sunblock by using the teaspoon rule

It was only after Neutrogena invited me to their "skin summer camp" at Anvaya Cove that I learned how to put on sunblock properly - with the use of a teaspoon! Here are the proper amount of sunblock to put on your body:

Half a teaspoon for the face, and for arms, neck, chest, back put one teaspoon per body section. For the entire legs, use two teaspoons and don't forget your ears, toes, hands, and fingers. Try this and you will see for yourself how much sunblock we should all be using.

If you don't want to end up looking like an iced cupcake but want complete sun protection, then I recommend the Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch sunblock for the body. With other beauty bloggers, we've put it on an instant test. We used the teaspoon rule and it was easily absorbed by our skin and there was no sticky feeling afterwards. I personally went under the sun and on to the beach at 3PM and did not end up toasted :) hurray!

Ready to go under the sun with Neutrogena's UltraSheer Sunblock

For the face, I tried the Neutrogena UltraSheer WaterLight sunblock which is even lighter on the skin than the Dry Touch variant. It felt almost like water and is absorbed fast. If you like putting on some powder after your facial sunscreen, then this one is very nice.

Neutrogena which is made by Johnson & Johnson's has also found a way to protect us from the sun even better with their new technology called Helioplex which stops Avobenzone (the main UV protector) from breaking down.

Anvaya Cove enjoyed best with your favorite sunblock!

So next time you hit the sun and sand, don't forget your sunblock and teaspoon to go with it :)