23 April 2010

Face Off presents Ivarluski Aseron

The recent face off did not feature just two but four highly renowned Filipino designers including Ivarluski Aseron.

This was my first time seeing Aseron's work ramp down the runway and if I may attempt to do a commentary, the collection was a feast of different necklines fused into a contrast of sharp and soft silhouttes.

Deep v-necks that sophisticatedly show off the woman's cleavage take the shape of men's vests that radiate Aseron's signature edgy peek-a-boo style.

The cut out skirt reminds me of paper dolls

The runway was also filled with Aseron's geometrical shapes and cut-outs close to the body. Sexy and powerful. Pieces were in black, grey, and white shades of soft yet sharply cut fabrics.

All in all Ivarluski showed 20 pieces that somehow came out of the new Samsung 3D TV.

I was thinking of meeting my idol designer face to face and doing an interview but some say, never meet your heroes and admiration from afar is the best as it can get x.x

It could never be more fashionable than this and so we thank Samsung for supporting another successful round of Face Off to celebrate lifestyle and creativity. And of course for the front seats! :)

Ivarluski Aseron

Up next is Patrice Ramos-Diaz at Face Off, hold on for another fashionably intoxicating style post.