08 April 2010

Unboxing Starbucks Top Pot Doughnuts

Look what I got from the mailbox yesterday! :) Without a doubt, it was another treat from Starbucks, something new and something sweet.

Choose your weapon - glazed, chocolate, and apple fritter Top Pot doughnuts.

Doughnuts! I've always loved Starbucks' chocolate glazed doughnuts with my latte but Starbucks is determined to enhance our coffee moments even more. They've brought Top Pot Doughnuts in Manila which will be available in all Starbucks branches starting April 12 .

Stylish half-dozen Top Pot Doughnut boxes from Starbucks

Top Pot is a family owned business started by two brothers Mark and Michael Klebeck. Starbucks hand selected Top Pot back in 2005 to carry their doughnuts in the Starbucks pastry cases of stores throughout western Washington. Starbucks is pleased to offer its customers a unique, old style hand-forged doughnut.

And the winner is - Glazed Old Fashioned Top Pot Doughnut

I highly recommend the Glazed Old-Fashioned Top Pot Doughnut. The flavor is reminiscent of the fresh doughnuts that you remember from the corner doughnut shop, growing up. Inside the golden exterior is a moist, golden cake with hints of vanilla and a little nutmeg. When it is piping hot, it is covered with Top Pot’s own proprietary “Air Sped” glaze.

Try some in your favorite Starbucks branch or bring the Starbucks coffee moments home and share with your family with a dozen Top Pot Doughnuts :) Yum-o!