13 April 2010

Refreshing H20 Hotel

Last week, we had the pleasure of staying at Hotel H20. It is the new hotel inside the Manila Ocean Park that features Aqua rooms, read: aquarium wall inside your hotel room. Aside from pretending like you are the little mermaid, the room provides a refreshing stay with its unique theme and lighting caused by the wide aquarium wall.
I love this thermos set inside our room which let us cook instant noodles for snacks. Why not bring your own sachet of hot chocolate powder so you can enjoy a mug before going to sleep?

Then, there's the bathroom and toilet that would literally make you feel like a fish in a bowl. The bathroom is made up of glass walls that is see-through (perfect for couples but could be quiet uncomfy for simple room mates).

What I like though are their 'designer' toiletries that are all in blue. Then, there's the perfect shower head that feels like rain on the skin. One thing missing is the bidei on the toilet x.x

The entire bedroom has mirrors that reflect every corner of the room. It is hard to miss anything that is happening even while you are watching your favorite show on their wide LCD TV or surfing the Internet (for a fee).
The Aqua room's working table is spacious with organized sockets and Internet cable.

Their spacious bed which is lined with what seems like ostrich leather is very interesting. Personally, I felt like I was staying somewhere outside the Philippines but I wish their airconditioning system were cooler. Noted that when we stayed they were still on a dry-run.

Makansutra's hot chocolate is a perfectly sweet morning treat

Our stay had free breakfast buffet at the Makansutra food village which was quiet simple with dried fish, pork and chicken adobo, rice porridge, noodles, eggs, and yummy hot chocolate and tasty coffee, Makansutra style. What made our morning brighter was the view of Manila bay. You could enjoy their breakfast at Al Fresco seats over at White Moon Bar.

White Moon Bar in the morning

Overall, Hotel H20 is a pleasant place to stay in. Check in at 2:00PM, have a refreshing shower and arrange for afternoon drinks at the White Moon Bar just before the sun sets. Dinner would be nice at the Makansutra for something exotic. Then just chill and relax inside your aqua room :)