15 April 2010

Discovering Get Laud's Summer Glam Fashion

Yesterday I got hold of Get Laud's (pronounced as get lod) summer catalogue and browsed through their summer collection over a tall Java Chip. I am surprised at how equally exciting their pieces are compared to other local fashion retailers that I adore and what's even more exciting are the price range of their items which do not exceed Php 600.

Here are the pieces I like most, mostly short dresses with puffed sleeves and pointy shoulders. Cool because of their short length which is perfect for the scorching weather and hot because of their it girl style.

Balmain inspired dresses that can pass your employer's dress code and give you license to party after work

Get Laud's floral prints are very refreshing to the eyes. The fabric used are also light and stylishly sewn that makes you fabolously worry-free.

Honestly I couldn't help but check out their store in Glorietta right after. I got myself two pieces and an accessory which I will reveal soon, although they are for the pregnant me. Lucky those who can fit today inside the clothes that I picked!

Some of the clothes and accessories they have on the rack. See bib necklaces and chain necklaces for only Php 200 ++.

I asked around and discovered that Get Laud accepts reservations and even ships clothes directly to their customer. Visit to view their entire collection and see their list of Get Laud branches in the metro.