06 April 2010

FOX Channel's FlashForward hits Manila

The party started right after everyone admired Manila Bay's Sunset at White Moon Bar

FOX Channel just launched today's big hit in US television, FlashForward. From the creators of Lost comes another adrenaline pumping and mind boggling tv series that will get anyone of any age hooked on the telly (just when we thought we're running out of great tv shows to watch).

Tarot Card Readers gave guests a FlashForward of their own

Even hot hunk Rovilson Fernandez was excited to watch the Sci-Fi TV series

At the White Moon bar, media friends of FOX Channel gathered together to get a glimpse of not only the director's cut of FlashForward but also, of their own future! Fox brought over spirit questors and tarrot card readers during the TV show's extravagant launch which they described as 'multi-sensory'.

Jude Turcuatco of FOX International Channels gets everyone worked up for the screening

FOX International Channels (FIC) territory director Jude Turcuato talked about his predictions on how FlashForward will also become a big hit in the Philippines with its new and exciting story while everyone's tastebuds were being treated with food from Makansutra.

Just before showing FlashForward's pilot episode, FOX Channel brought guests into another dimension called Aquatica - a new lights and fountain show by the Manila Ocean Park.

And as if the guests indeed entered another dimension, when FlashForward finally reeled on the big screens, everyone's jaw dropped with every action packed scenes and surprising twists (and we're just at episode number one!). FlashForward’s pilot episode was shown over dinner, and guests were amazed at the sci-fi television series’ impressive visual effects, the same production element that attracted 12.5 million viewers when it was launched in the U.S.Imagine everyone in the world shuts down, gets a glimpse of their future, and wakes up to a world of disaster - Flash Forward's main premise.

Catching FlashForward on FOX Channel

The viewers during the launch disappeared as fast as the FlashForward itself and up to their hotel rooms to view the FOX Channel's 2 hour episode in their H20 hotel rooms (thank you to Fox for checking us in :) as soon as the pilot episode ended. Enough proof that Fast Forward could just be the next Lost in terms of viewership.

FlashForward cast, we love John Cho from Harold & Kumar in a more serious role

The launch which was also made possible by our friends from Agatep Associates, clearly showed that FlashForward is the perfect TV show to be shared with friends and family over great food (read: pizza, chips, and soda). Personally, I am hooked but the show could be too freaky and mysterious for me that I won't dare to watch it alone. If you want to know what I am talking about then tune in your cable TV to FOX Channel.