25 April 2010

Johnson's Body Care Lotion x Bayo - Soft Look Collection

Frills and layers paired with a curly loose hair style create a soft look

It all begins with soft, clear skin. That is exactly what Johnson's body care mission is for women to enjoy fashion fit for a lady. Together with Bayo, Johnson's body care showcased fashionable pieces that celebrate a woman's soft skin. This is the Soft Look collection, as romantic as it can get.

Soft but powerful, pointy shoulders married with soft fabric

I've seen some of the clothes in Johnson's Body Care Lotion TV advertisement but I did not expect that the pieces from Bayo's Soft Look Collection would look even more romantic in person. Definitely drool-worthy, imagine showing up on a date wearing one of these romantic ensembles.

Pieces in pastel and light colors

To achieve the soft look, remember that it's all about skin. Yet, observe how the pieces above are sexy without going overboard. Johnson's Body Care Lotion has 3 variants for you to choose from whether you need to moisturize, relax, or whiten your skin.

The Soft Look Collection pieces are available in Bayo stores until June 15, 2010. When you buy anything from the collection, you will get a free Johnson's Body Care Lotion :)