10 October 2010

Beauty: Phiten E-Water for Face

Last month I hoarded different products from the Phiten shop, one of which is the Phiten E-Water that is infused with Aqua Gold. It sells for aroung Php 1,000 if my memory serves me right.

The product is for both the body and face, it is a body and facial milk according to the box. Like most of the Phiten products, it provides balance and relaxation of tensed muscles. More than ever, I feel stress creeping under my skin and so I finally unwrapped my E-Water. Sounds so futuristic!

I applied this onto newly cleansed face (I am just using Pond's Clear Solutions), the Phiten E-Water had a light but lingering pleasant smell. The "milk"spreads easily on the skin surface, a bit like gel but also cream. I like it because I didn't have to rub it in and it was absorbed quickly with light massages and pats.

Like its name, it feels simply like water - not even moisturizer but it does moisturize the face. It was hot today but after I finish my application, my skin looked matte. And I felt my facial muscles relax, I did lots of frowning, smiling, and laughing this week! To be honest, I am not sure if it is just psychological but my skin looked brighter. However, after around 30 minutes my skin got oily again (I blame the weather) but still looked brighter than usual. The light fragrance still lingered for around 2-3 hours until I decided to splash water again on my face.

According to some, the Phiten E-Water has improved their skin with problems caused by hormonal imbalance. I feel like I have had hormonal imbalances for years, with being pregnant and now with breastfeeding. I asked Phiten if this was safe to use for me and they said yes.

I am going to seriously finish this bottle of e-water and get back to you again with the results :)