08 October 2010

Beauty: Simple Eye Makeup with Revlon Grow Luscious

Here's a simple eye makeup routine that uses the simplest, no-brainer, eye makeup products from Revlon, Maybelline, and The Body Shop.

Without eye makeup

First, start with clean eyebrows by using an eyebrow blade/shaver. Around Php 60 for 3 sets of blades in beauty stores.

Next, I discovered how using a higlighter/concealer from The Body Shop beneath the eyebrows makes your eyes look even cleaner.

Line your brows lightly with Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil. Fuller eyebrows make you look years younger.

Now time to bring out The Body Shop Kajal Gel Eyeliner. I've learned to use it just on the top lids, then smudge the outer edge of your lids with your lady finger. Makes it look a bit smoky without too much fuss.

I lost my MAC eyelash curler but I grabbed a new Revlon Mascara which makes the eyelashes look longer. I like the big bristle brush which have been replaced nowadays with fancy shapes. The bigger the brush or wand, the easier for me to finish everything fast.

with Revlon Growluscious Mascara

Even without curling, the lashes look darker and fuller. Matches the kajal eyeliner gel well. Tada! Now you have eyes that are not too fancy and not too plain. Just simple like grey.