21 October 2010

Fashion: BUM Holiday 2010 Collection

Say hello to BUM's holiday collection kiddos. BUM combines Goth and streetwear and create statement-making pieces that appeal to the youth’s inner rebel. I like how they infuse Victorian and Edwardian fashion trends. It even throws in some elements from the Medieval architecture for good measure.

For BUM's Holiday Collection, it’s all about new textures and edgy treatments. Whereas before the brand’s Back-to-school collection consisted mostly of graphic stripes and outrageous prints, the BUM’ new collection takes inspiration from Gothic fashion. With monochromatic and dark hues as the key colors, the collection is a complete antithesis of the usual bright, colorful palette associated with the Holiday season. Expect more vivid reds, deep purples, chocking blues, and stark whites.
Wear it like this

Much like what you see in Japanese streetfashion. My tip in wearing these pieces is to create a clean look especially with make-up. Take a cue from the models. I know lots of teens wear goth fashion, it looks better when you make time to tend to your hair and face.
Love the tutu!

New treatments, which no other brand has ever done before, will also be introduced in this collection. Rayon, a synthetic silk-like fabric that is commonly used as draping in evening gowns and other flowing garments, for instance, has found its way into BUM’s new statement pieces. It has been combined with cotton and “burned out” to make it look as though it were one seamless piece.

BUM is available at all leading department stores nationwide.