07 October 2010

Dining: Morning in UCC Café Terrace at Resorts World

These days, I am rarely impressed. But one morning I took my breakfast inside Resorts World, at UCC Cafe. The silence of the place and the wonderful lighting was the best morning greeting
for me.

No caffeine-starved yuppies lining up. Relaxed, I called the waitress for the menu and ordered a cup of their houseblend brew, chocolate French toast, and a kani sandwich for my companion.

It was the best looking French toast I've ever seen, stylishly cut in squares so it fits a bite perfectly. The choco-half-dipped sticks reminded me of Pocky, and even the sticks were enjoyable to nibble on. Topped with whipped cream, dashed with powdered sugar, and drizzled with chocolare sauce. What a good morning it was.

My companion and I agreed on how their bread were fresh and crisp. Good quality of food aside from the impressive presentation and service. I wish they do not change.

Now I know where to go for a relaxing morning, away from all the buzz, and embraced with lots of sweetness kicked with caffeine. Everyone deserves a good morning :)