13 October 2010

Tried and Tested: Brazilian Wax @ The House of Glitz

This post has no before and after photo. House of Glitz, tucked inside Eastwood's Beauty and Fashion mall could just be the best, most pain-free waxing service out there for ladies who want to lay bare.

With a few friends, we tried their services and we were surprised they offered brazilian waxing. After all, The House of Glitz is known as a nail spa. Now we know they are more than that and they mean serious expert service.

One thing important in getting a Brazilian Wax (meaning no hair would be left untouched down under) is hygiene. Look how their honey-sugar wax are in little containers. No double dipping in one big pot of wax!

Just look at Jinky (my technician) who appears to be doing surgery with her outfit and tools. All sterilized in front of me.

The House of Glitz utilizes some sort of special paper that sticks towards the wax and makes it easy to pull without so much pain. Seriously, I almost fell as sleep as Jinky does her business. Although, the paper teared a couple of times and the technician had to pull shorter lengths of the pad which were a bit painful but tolerable.

The service lasted for around an hour but I was relaxed and felt safe all throughout. What I wish for though is for The House of Glitz to have their own toilet should clients wish to wash before having a wax. They actually had a feminine wash but no where to use it except for the mall's CR.

Proud owners Raymond and Kristine

Raymond, the store owner produced this Audrey Hepburn wall mosaic on his own.

However, I understand how The House of Glitz's space is a bit small but was creatively designed by one of the partners. Love Audrey Hepburn, she's all over the place. The owners have plans on transferring to a bigger space though *fingers crossed*.

You will be surprised at how affordable and practical their prices are. If I remember right, the brazilian wax costs around Php 380. After getting my lady parts done, I proceeded with an even more relaxing Foot Reflexology massage at just Php 300.

Drop by the House of Glitz, 3rd Floor, Eastwood Beauty and Fashion Mall beside Jollibee. Perfect for after bar hopping or before your big date at Eastwood! :)