27 October 2010

Dining: Focaccia - A Slice of Italy

My first rolled pizza experience was in Focaccia, their first branch was opened in A. Venue at Makati. How could anyone forget the crispiness of alfalfa sprouts enveloped in a thin crust of flavorful Italian pizza?

Now Focaccia has rolled out a new branch in The Fort, where more customers can fit in and easily locate the resto. Compared to the A. Venue branch, the newly opened store feels more relaxed and casual with their white and red cosmopolitan fixtures.

My first impression about Focaccia was that it is an expensive joint. Yet, after reading their menu - I was surprised how affordable they are and note that their servings are huge.

Pasta meals are around Php250- Pho 350, while their rolled pizzas start at just Php 250 and I think, 4 people will be stuffed with just one serving. Now let's start with the appetizers:

Spinach Artichoke Formaggio

Spinach Artichoke Formaggio was just one of the appetizers we tried but I want to focus on it because it was the best. Vegetables in appetizers are at least, healthier and the creamy texture spread on toasted italian bread was heavenly. Unlike other Formaggio I've tried, this was less salty and oily. There's also a generous serving of the cream itself. You'd maybe find yourself looking for more bread :)

Ze soup trio!

Many do not order soups as starters because it makes the tummy full right away, but with the soup trio - you and your companions can enjoy soups in 3 small cute cups. Served with fresh croutons. You'll enjoy sipping it. I like the pumpkin soup best. Order the soup trio and impress your mates.

I tried a number of pizzas, yet I will focus on the best and recommend for you - to order the Slice of Italy Pizza. Simple toppings such as salami, mushrooms,and white onions - the bread's quality and texture stands out. As it is easy on the palette, it goes well with the alfalfa sprouts and arugula leaves which you will roll onto this thin crust pizza.

At Focaccia, it is best to order light because you need to save room for more Italian dishes aside from their signature pizzas. I am talking of dishes like this:

Seashells Pasta with Seafood Sauce

I normally dislike anything seafood but Focaccia had the right recipe for this one. It was my favorite among all the pastas served. Paired with anything bubbly like a bottle of my favorite Pellegrino, it is simply - delizioso!

Focaccia is located at The Fort Strip and at A. Venue in Makati :)