16 March 2009

Anti-Acne Skin Regimen that Works

I am very excited to share this skin regimen to you my dear readers! Let me start by saying that my battle with acne has cost me thousands of pesos and dozens of treatments. Some treatments worked as long as you regularly visit the clinic and have expensive procedures done like bi-monthly chemical peels, facials, or monthly diamond peels. It was very financially and physically frustrating.

Until I asked my dermatologist Dra. Rose Gatmaytan if she had a solution for my face. She is the same dermatologist of Caraderme clinic that made my back clear from acne. She asked if I wanted procedures but I said I was only ready to buy the medicines. She then gave me a list of her skin regimen. She had forewarned me that my skin will look red and flaky for a month.

This was my face before this skin regimen: stressed, dark, blotchy, prominent acne scars, active pimples, and bumpy.

BEFORE: with and without powder

And this is my proud face now - minimum acne scars, brighter, and clearer.
AFTER: with and without powder


The Regimen:


1. Benzoderm Soap
2. Azelaic Acid
3. Benzomycin Gel
4. Parsol Gel


1. Benzoderm Soap
2. Astrimycin Toner
3. Requinol A
4. Requinol B
5. Acne Cystisol
6. Acnelyt

Total damage: Php 2,500 + /-
Appointment/consultation fee: Php 500

Most of the medicines like the gels and Requinol A need to be refrigerated for them not to lose their potency. Again, if you will start this regimen make sure that you can afford to have a red peeling face for one whole month, give around 2 more weeks allowance. The peeling stage can get ugly and it is best to skip make up or it might irritate the new layer of skin. This is the hardest and most embarrassing stage but is well worth it if you want to end your skin problems once and for all.

You will be given an instruction sheet to follow by the dermatologist if you choose to go to Caraderme. If not, ask your own dermatologist if she has these medicines in stock and if it is suitable for your skin condition.

During the first few weeks, the medicine will feel very stingy or itchy - it is best to apply it in front of an electric fan (the things we do for beauty). After your skin has peeled and normalized to its new beautiful condition the medicines will not sting anymore.

Of course you have to get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and relax to avoid getting break outs. If a bump appears, just put a cotton with acne cystisol on top of the pimple and let dry for 15-30 minutes. Top with acnelyt and the next day, it is visibly smaller.

Visit and if you have any other suggested anti-acne skin regimen that worked for you, please share it with us via the comments link below :)