26 December 2008

Be Cool as Cucumbers

cucumbers beautyCucumbers are another cheap and easily available beauty and relaxation source. When eaten raw, it instantly cools your body which helps you to calm and relax.

Here's what you can easily get from cucumbers:

Silica - helps produce collagen for the skin and increases skin elasticity. Silica is also great to strengthen muscles, bones, and ligaments. It is included as one of the top 5 nutrients for healthy skin!

Ascorbic acid - or Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which reduces free radicals that damage our skin by reducing collagen. It also reduces inflammation.

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Caffeic acid - together with Vitamin C, reduces water retention. This is why placing cucumbers are effective in reducing eye puffiness, treating burns and dermatitis.

Potassium - naturally reduces stress and anxiety, maybe because it helps oxygen get into the brain.

Cucumbers pack a lot of nutrients for its very small size! Other minerals found in cucumbers are magnesium, molybdenum, calcium, and folic acid.

Most of these benefits can be found on the cucumber skin, so better eat it unpeeled but wash it properly. I also recommend eating cucumbers as is to reap all its natural goodness :)