10 December 2008

Hand me downs

I wore the Mango jacket that was handed to me by my sister Joni. It being about a size larger added an unusual twist. Would you believe that the skirt is also a hand me down from a friend? :)


lianne said...

kewl. i believe d jacket wud also look good on me. it's one sinze larger, right? pwede pa-arbor nalang? haha! =p

Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

I knew it looked familiar! Not bad!

You know what, have them (my other fab & costly clothes just rotting away in the closet)adjusted to your size by the mananahi in our village. It's cheap.

Style and Relax said...


This is the only Mango piece I have, even the lawyer I met yesterday recognized it :)


Merry Christmas! haha