03 December 2008

Stylish Entertaining with Super Bowl

Who doesn't want to play Bree Ven de Kamp this Christmas? Holiday season means entertaining guests and hosting dinners on Christmas eve, an opportunity to showcase your styling prowess both in your home and on your table.

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Super Bowl at Trinoma offers new flavors and food ideas that are dressed and cooked to impress any of your guests.

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Take home and serve memorable and comforting holiday recipes like this Holiday Chicken Machang. It's very different from the traditional roasted chicken because of it's oriental twist. The chicken is stuffed with Chinese Machang or flavored sticky rice.

To serve or to give, Chicken Machang and Christmas Ham from Super Bowl

I promise that the Holiday Chicken Machang of Super Bowl will not let you down. Your guests (with high expectations) will admire the soft and well-seasoned chicken meat, the flavors seem to also sink in the chicken bones which are also soft. This dish is very aromatic and would give you the right holiday aroma for that perfect ambiance.

tao sa pao super bowl
Tao Sa Pao

You can also get this stuffed golden dough balls which are not only delicious but would definitely add style to your holiday table. Most would never have tasted or experienced this treat, it's soft but the thin outside layers are crunchy. Inside, you'll taste flavors of ube and mung beans which are like the stuffing inside the "buchi". The soft dough also gives a melt in your mouth experience! Your guests would go crazy over them so be sure to get a lot of this.

super bowl chicken ham
Christmas Ham and Chicken Machang

Another idea for stylish entertaining is to offer finger food that would go well with your holiday wine or cheese. The Holiday Chicken Machang can be cut into bite sizes and served on a toothpick. You can also do this with Super Bowl's Christmas Ham which is delicious but not overwhelming with sweetness or fat. It does not need additional cooking or seasoning at all. These duo is perfect too if you are simply hosting a holiday cocktail.

super bowl of china

For more Christmas food ideas, you can visit Super Bowl at Trinoma ahead of time and choose from their holiday recipes.