03 December 2008

Holiday School Girl


The black boots I used to wear to work, this time I can wear them for carefree fun. School girl skirt is a gift from Old Navy. I styled the white Lacoste polo shirt with pearls and folded the sleeves to make them puff a little. I had to be careful not to look like a cosplayer so I played it down a little :)


lianne said...

can't see the boots. but i think it'd be better if naka pumps either white or black. wehe. or pwede din baby doll shoes na flats and kung school girl ang look mo maybe the pearls are too much. pwede naka pigtails ka? wehe.

Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

smile! and get a pair of chica sunglasses for your next portrait.

Style and Relax said...


pigtails? 0_0


maybe you can send me one pair you don't like anymore ahaha :D

Style and Relax said...

Changed photo, I think this is better. :)