19 December 2008

Give yourself a Breather

Life is fast and the last thing on your mind is the way you breathe (yes!). But, before it is too late be conscious of your breathing patterns now because this simple action can reduce tension and make you look younger (yes! yes!).

In Yoga, proper breathing is essential as it releases stress and tension. This is true, and oxygen (like water) is an essential element for a healthy and beautiful body.

When you feel stiff, stressed or angered - stop yourself for a minute and take deep breaths for a minute or so. The proper way to breathe is:

1. On inhalation, your rib cage and belly should expand . You should inhale slowly and not pant. Take your time to inhale and make an echo-y sound as you do so. Inhale with your nose.

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2. On exhalation, your rib cage lowers down and the circumference gets smaller, your abdomen is also drawn in.

Try to do this even when you're not stressed out, for your health and beauty's sake. Breathing properly lets oxygen travel through your body, skin, cells, and organs. When you breathe out, carbon dioxide and other impurities are let out of your being, stress and negative energy included.

You will reap the same benefits that you get from oxygen treatments from the spas. Not getting enough oxygen into your skin causes reduced collagen and elastin production.

Never base your breathing on the way you feel. Control your breath as you want it to be, full, circular, and spacious. Find out that breathing can actually control your emotions and disposition, not the other way around.

More so, proper breathing gives you great body posture, stronger and more flexible abdomen and chest muscles, and a sense of confidence.