26 December 2008

Oh my thighs! Nivea My Silhouette Review

nivea my silhoutteAfter watching the advertisements on TV incessantly, I gave in and bought this Php 560 lotion. Now my bottle is empty and I can give you an honest review of Nivea My Silhouette.

My Silhouette is gel based and is easy to apply. The lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin, it gives you "just-out-of-the-shower" freshness with its light refreshing scent. This scent will not last very long. After application, the skin feels silky soft - an added bonus since the main use of My Silhouette is for fat reduction.

However, my hands feel sticky after putting it all over my thighs so I usually wash my hands after using. The bottle suggests that it be used twice a day but I used it only at night.

After consuming Nivea My Silhouette, bottoms up - I can say that it works. I often feel my inner thighs rubbing against each other when I walk but now I barely notice or feel them rubbing against each other. It also reduced "waves" on my thighs which may be classified under cellulites. My skin is also smoother but I feel that My Silhouette is not very good at moisturizing.

Maybe, it would be better to use Nivea My Silhouette at night and a moisturizing lotion at daytime. I recommend Nivea My Silhouette, your sweet thighs are worth it :)


Anonymous said...

So it really did work? how many cm did you lose?