16 December 2008

Easiest Way to Consume 8 Glasses of Water

Try just water for one week, even for one day and you’ll see a BIG change. The reason why I advocate drinking 8 glasses of water so much is because it works! You read this advice everywhere but have you consciously drank 8 glasses of water daily? Have you started counting or remembering to hydrate your body every now and then?

Here’s how you can remember drinking water everyday:

1. Take a glass right after waking up – you’ve had no water for 8 hours or so because of sleep and this ritual would start your day calm and cool.
Total: 1 glass

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2. A glass before and after having any meal : breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner. Exchange your iced tea with bottled water, try not to consume any coffee or tea for you to feel the positive change in your body that water brings.
Total: 6 glasses

3. Before you sleep – water would help digest remaining food in your stomach and provide hydration while you sleep. Do you ever wake up with dry flaky lips? This is a sign of dehydration. Total: 1 glass

Now you have consumed 8 glasses of water for the day! Water is the cheapest beauty product that you can use, which is also great for your health. Drinking significant amounts of water will:

1. Control your appetite

2. Hydrate your skin and lips

3. Wash away toxins that cause illnesses and skin problems (since skin is the largest organ in the body, it also expels toxins in the form of skin impurities)

4. Make your tummy smaller because if you are properly hydrated, your body would not retain too much water that causes bloating

5. Relax you mentally and spiritually – knowing that you are drinking water to take care of yourself gives you a feeling of love for your health and body

6. Water also keeps you cool, hence a more pleasing disposition and aura throughout the day


Liza C Abad said...

now I promise to drink lots of water... before I am used of drinking 2-3 glasses only - probably that is the reason why my lips is always dry.. :(

Style and Relax said...

that's correct Liza! :)

Keep it up with drinking lots of water.