12 December 2008

Top 5 Essentials in Every Bag

Even when your bag is about to burst, don’t leave home without these little ones that can make a big difference on your day. Try bringing them with you one day and you’ll realize how much convenience and hygiene they can bring.

1. A mini refillable alcohol bottle – everything these days are dusty and you wish you always have soap and water but no. You feel icky and uncomfortable, you can’t even touch other things to avoid spreading germs especially on your face. Have a mini alcohol bottle that you can easily fit inside your bag to solve this problem.

I recommend Band-Aid’s isopropyl alcohol with moisturizer that comes in small 60ml bottles. You can buy the biggest bottle and just refill the small container.

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2. Baby Wipes – let’s get real, you can never tell when nature is going to call and you just have to do number 2 (poop). Don’t let this nasty uncomfortable feeling ruin your entire day. Let it go but feel clean by not only using tissue (which may not be available in comfort rooms) but using antibacterial baby wipes when you’re on the go.

Baby wipes are not just for poop but are also good in removing sticky dirt from your hands or wiping items that have fallen on the ground, e.g. your cellphone. Giggles Baby Wipes are cheap but effective.

3. Mints – for the office girls, mints are your savior during boring meetings when your eyes seem to shut automatically. Also, chewing mints give you an instant burst of freshness. You can’t always brush your teeth whenever you’re outside right?

It’s also your passport to freely chomp on smelly but delicious cuisine like Indian food or any dish with lots of onions like beefsteak.

Opt for chewable mints that can be swallowed for convenience. Gum types leave you looking for the gum wrapper and trash bin after chewing.

4. Face Towel – sweat makes you feel heavy and wiping sweat with your hands can only transfer more bacteria. Bringing a face towel will let you wipe your sweaty face easily and also, cover your face whenever a breeze of dusty pollution glides towards you.

This is especially useful for commuters and also for those who take the train, a face towel can also defend your nose from smelly persons or places!

5. Oil Control Film – oil is different from sweat, and with everyone taking pictures, you just have to blot your face with oil absorbing sheets regularly. This reduces the sebum on your face that can clog pores and instantly make you look fresher.

Putting on more powder to reduce oiliness might clog pores even more and you can’t always have time to powder your nose. Based on several trials, the best oil control sheets are those of Johnson and Johnson’s.


lianne said...

ngayon lang aq actually nawalan ng oil control film sa bag q. i luv clean & clear!!! it really removes excess oil on my face. ^_^

Style and Relax said...


yes, i tried din ung iba sa watsons na mas mura pero sayang lang lalo ung pera :)

clean and clear is pricey but works.