07 December 2008

Release Tension and Stress with Yoga

When you need a quick fix to get your mind out of something and take a breather, then consider Yoga as your friend. Yoga is something you can start as soon as tomorrow, or as soon as you get to the Video shop. There are Yoga classes in town but you can practice yoga conveniently inside your bedroom minus the hassle. No gadgets are required, only your body and the floor. Read more after the jump.

Yoga literally lets you breathe stress and tension away. Stress, anxiety, fear, and tension hide in certain areas of the body, like the spine and the back of our legs. When you release them through yoga, you will instantly feel lighter and relieved. Like what Yogiraj Allan Finger says, "Unbound, Unlimited, Fluid" - this is what you will feel after every session. For me, this is the highest form of relaxation.

Look for Allan Finger's Yoga Zone series which are available in major video shops. I had a hard time completing my collection but I found some Yoga Zone vcds for as low as 99 pesos each. They are also available online but be sure to get the beginner's series.

If you have recommended titles, please do leave a note here. Also for Yoga groups and classes as many of us might be interested.