20 December 2008

Star Style: Sarah Geronimo

At the Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko celebration, Sarah Geronimo shared her Christmas message for her fans, and her fashion sense with Style and Relax.

Video Interview (Style and Relax with Sarah Geronimo)

When it comes to fashion, Sarah Geronimo prefers wearing outfits that she is most comfortable in. Yet, she notes that sometimes, it is needed to wear complicated items such as high heels when it comes to her job as a star.


Liza C Abad said...

I supery dupery love sarah geronimo, her simplicity is one of the many reasons why I am a fan. :)

Azrael Coladilla said...

astig ng video hhahhaha

Jethro said...

Extreme! Totoo ba ito?! Ikaw yung nag-interview? Galing-galing! Sana next time ako naman makapag-interview sa kanya ng malapitan, haha! Happy blogging! ^_^

Style and Relax said...


Thank you! Yes, this was in Jollibee's MaAga ang Pasko celebration.

I have to hone my interviewing skills though x.x