22 December 2008

The Best Ways to Organize your Closet

organize your closetCleaning your closet is not the most appealing activity on a weekend (or any given day). It is a mystery how clothes get buried so deep and how a woman’s closet seem to mess up itself. Yet, everyday we face our closet in the hopes of finding something to wear, if we can still see through the mess!

Here’s how we can end our closet dilemmas and ease the stress involved in organizing our closets/dressers.

1. The best time to clean your closet is at night – cleaning your closet involves walking to and from one point to another, lots of folding, and a handful of thinking. You will be more comfortable decluttering at night when there are less distractions and activities around you.

2. Do not empty out your closet at once – make your bed available as a standing room for your clothes. Never put down your clothes on the floor. This will only create for you a stressful maze that you might accidentally step and slip on.

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3. Start by folding and transferring clothes that are on top to the bed. Group your clothes accordingly: house clothes, underwear, sleeveless garments, long sleeves, shirts, shorts, pants.

4. As you declutter your closet, evaluate – Let go of clothes that are too small and give up items that you don’t intend to wear. Have a pile for clothes that you are ready to give away to family or any charity. Doing this will buy you a lot of space in your closet.

5. When the closet is finally empty it’s time to move in! – get ready to lift the clothes that you grouped on your bed. Never lift one pile all at once. Put clothes that you rarely use at the bottom and back. Clothes and other items that you normally use should be on top and front of your closet.

To maintain the orderliness of your now clutter-free closet, never pull out an item from a pile of clothes. Lift the clothes on top of the item you want to use. Pulling out your clothes from a pile messes everything on top and bottom .

Make your closet cleaning activity more fun by mix matching and styling outfits while playing your favorite music! Not only do you have a clean closet but a pocketful of outfit ideas that can save you time and money.


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