19 January 2009

Chocolate Appreciation 101 - Mark the Date!

Workshops are a great way to unwind and relax while learning new things, not to mention a good time to bond with your beau or friends!

chocolate workshopHeavenly Chocolates is giving everyone the chance to learn more about Chocolates and amp up our appreciation levels like a chocolatier.

Heavenly Chocolates is also the home of Japanese Nama Chocolates - Sachi Nama. Don't forget to grab one when you visit the place.

Chocolate Appreciation 101 Schedule:

January 24 at 6pm

This is a free chocolate workshop but you have to email chocolatier Mr. Benjamin Pedro for reservations at benjaminvpedro[AT]

Style and Relax will continue giving you information on great workshops that you can mark your social calendars with! So do visit often :)


shink said...

Where will this be taking place?

Style and Relax said...

Hi shinks!

Heavenly Chocolates

Roces Centre
127 Roces Avenue
Quezon City

Azrael Coladilla said...

tuloy tayo dito diba?

Chel said...

shucks.. i missed this..