30 January 2009

Read like Carrie Bradshaw

Inside the posh Greenbelt 5, I spotted a newly opened Fully Booked branch and could not help but check out the style books they have on shelf.

This book caught my attention:

Not a style book but if you are a fan of Sex and the City, then you must recognize this! Carrie Bradshaw read the Love Letters of Great Men to Mr. Big in one scene and "ever thine, ever mine, ever ours, Love L" is actually printed at the back of this book.


I can imagine the most chic city ladies reading this book before slumber. More details on this book:

After finally letting go of Ursula Doyle's book, I went on to explore the new Fully Booked branch. At the far end of the book store, I met Nina Garcia again but with a newer book called The One Hundred. Fully Booked was kind enough to have one copy open for browsing and it was love at first sight.

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The One Hundred by Nina Garcia reminds me of Style by Kate Spade, with stylish pastel illustrations of the must-have items on your closet and style ideas. The One Hundred will save you time and money while still maintaining your fab-ulous style.

More details on this book :

I can't wait to have copies of these two lovely books and add them to my collection! Visit Fully Booked at Greenbelt 5 and don't forget to visit the boutiques of our local fashion and bag designers.