21 January 2009

Obama's Inauguration Party at T.G.I Fridays

It is a Tuesday but at TGIF, everyday's a Friday worth celebrating! Today is President Obama's inauguration and T.G.I Friday's all over the world is hosting the biggest inauguration party. A great excuse to party eh? I've never attended an inauguration so I figured I should dress up like a first lady..umm..

Everyone kicked off their shoes and had fun wearing the Obama masks. They were first worn by the T.G.I Friday's crew yet we couldn't resist asking for some masks to wear too! Now we have a photo with President Obama :)


The inauguration party featured flairtending at the bar which was very exciting and rewarding since people at the bar got free drinks they can toast with. The gwapo bartender made me this special Bacardi cocktail.

Partying on a Tuesday has never been so much fun and realistic, all we really need to relax is to change the music and surround a place with friends. Maybe throw in some party masks, hats, and costumes too.

Thank you to T.G.I Friday's Bonifacio High Street for a great Obama Inauguration Party right here in Manila.


Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...


Style and Relax said...


How was the inauguration celebrated down under?

mekinudols said...

hello, mee-i here. grab ako ng pix ah? thanks! and nice meeting you :)

Style and Relax said...

hi! mee-i, sure :)

nice meeting you too!

lian said...

love your outfit!

Style and Relax said...


Thank you! It's an old dress shirt and I just turned the collar up :)