01 January 2009

Vintage Skirts are works of ART!

vintage skirts
Vintage clothing means second hand or coming from a previous decade or era. Like the 1980's where I believe these skirts came from. It's always worth it to check out your mom's closet. My mom and I had fun tonight inside her walk-in closet. I remembered she had these skirts and now they're all mine! I can't wait to wear them :)

I was also surprised to rediscover her brooches. I told her I have one and how I plan to use it to style clothes (you'll learn about them soon). She has all sorts of animal brooches, rabbit, swan, mouse, etc.

Then there were also dresses that can easily be styled to be worn at current fashion but their natural vintage beauty and quality will still shine through.

vintage skirtsvintage skirt

All these finds remind me how each piece is a timeless work of art.