31 January 2009

Relax in a Spa Theater - Seriously!

The image “Spa Theater

Spa and a theater combined is now a reality. Ever dreamed of having your foot massaged while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's or Pretty Woman? This should be the most stylish and excessively luxurious way to relax in style!

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I can certainly see myself celebrating my birthday here come February (dreaming). This will certainly blow my mom's mind, welcome to modern luxury mama! I'd love to play the movie Sex and the City all day, it can be the theme of the party and everyone can pretend we are in a New York celebrity spa. Of course, everyone must be in their best style and get ready to be pampered!

spa theater

Here's where the foxy city ladies relax at Blue Water Day Spa.

blue water spa theater

In my dream party, this is the fashion runway for all my guests! A fashion shoot in this modernistic hallway at Blue Water Spa before hitting treatment haven.

Want to stop dreaming and experience all of this for free? Win a Foot, Back, and Shoulders massage experience at the Spa Theatre!


Nicely said...

i also joined this contest. sana manalo tayo! hehehe!

you can also visit mine @ and if you have time, take a peek on my travelogue too ( kudos!

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Hi Lace! You won in this contest din pala. I'm afraid I can't come to this event and see the Spa Movie Theater, sayang....

Nice meeting you last night!