25 January 2009

DIY: Neck Scarf / Accessory

Worn over a simple shirt, the do-it-yourself scarf gives an instant dash of style. I am not even sure if it should be called a scarf or a neck accessory, but I love it. The cloth came from a dress my mama was trimming. Hence, you can use any cloth that you desire. Mine was a silky cloth topped with lace.

seen at Heavenly Chocolates, with chocolatier Benjamin Pedro

Hang some pearls/beads on a big safety pin, use this to pin the scarf into place. This lets you wear the scarf properly without adjusting it every now and then.


Liza said...

the neck accessory looks good, because it is black and ca be use anywhere and anytime. :)

lend it to me huh? :) in times of need. :)