21 January 2009

Surprising Make-up Tips from Aan Pineda

aan pinedaDuring the SoFA workshop at Retail Lab, make-up artist Aan Pineda shared surprising tips and ideas all about make-up!

1. Before anything else, make neat eyebrows. How? Put foundation first around your eyebrows where stray brows are. This will protect your skin from the blade. With the foundation, you can now shave using a safe eyebrow blade which is available in Watson's and other beauty shops.

2. Clean your face with your favorite toner. This ensures smooth and clean application of foundation. Aan Pineda's favorite foundation is V.O.V which is made in Korea. It only costs around Php 500 according to my seatmate :)

3. Apply the V.O.V foundation using a clean sponge. Your hand must be very light to prevent skin damage. Aan says we can use our fingers to apply the foundation evenly and control it easily. Just be sure to disinfect your fingers.

TIP: V.O.V foundation can also serve as your concealer


4. Use bronzer to prevent looking like a Japanese Geisha with a full white face. Apply the bronzer on the sides of your face like the topmost forehead and outer parts of the cheeks and chin. Blend it lightly with the foundation using the clean side of the sponge.

5. Set the foundation and bronzer with face powder. Aan simply uses Johnson's face powder with a brush.

TIP: you can get make-up brushes from art stores and they're just the same as the expensive ones according to Aan.

Recommended type of brush is sable which is very soft. The price tag on his brush was only Php 27.00 (wow)

6. Now you can put on the eyeshadow with your bare fingers again and blend with a blending brush.

7. Use eyebrow powder instead of eyebrow pencils which can make your eyebrows look fake. Eyebrow powder looks more natural and soft.

8. Aan Pineda recommends Maybelline Intense XXL for eyelashes. When applying mascara, focus on the tips of the eyelashes.

9. The best blush colors for the season are pinks and apricot.

10. Finish everything again by brushing your face lightly with powder.