15 January 2009

Knee High Socks

I read that Landmark had knee high socks in stock, for only Php 199. On the magazine, it said they have a pair in grey but when I checked it out, they only had it in black, white, and green?

knee high socksToday I tried them on but have no idea what to wear them with yet. The first thing to avoid is looking like a school girl ala cosplay. So I am here researching about them.

How would you wear your knee high socks?


Dan said...

I like to wear knee high sock with my shorts,as part of my tourist look.You look so cool in yours!

Style and Relax said...

Thank you Dan!

It's summer now and I can't wait for the cold weather so we can wear these again. Knee high socks are a tad difficult to wear but they always look great with shorts :D

I hope you can post more photos on your blog soon :)

Dan said...

You are welcome!I like them with my outfit.I think that some ladies Do not like guys wearing knee high socks.Hope your not one of them....Dan

I will be posting more picture at a later time.