20 January 2009

Dine Healthy in Style at Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant

bigby's cafebigby's cafe
bigby's cafebigby's cafe

The newest and poshier side of SM Megamall called Atrium not only tucks in high fashion brands but also luxuriously cozy and thematic dining spots like Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant. Walking in at Bigby's is like walking into a travel map with it's distinct ceiling installations and travel memorabilia (key chains, badges, swords, etc). The restaurant would remind you of your travel adventures waiting to be celebrated.

bigby's cafebigby's cafebigby's cafe
Mr. Henrick Yu and the First Tier Brands team with Style and Relax

Yesterday, Henrick Yu - one of the owners of Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant, shared his own personal travel experiences in Brazil and Japan among others as we munch on delectable and healthy Bigby dishes. Henrick adores travel, true to the travel themed interiors and dishes.

bigby's cafebigby's cafe
Ticky Wacky Chicken Salad | Blossoming Spinach Dip

Dining at Bigby's is a gastronomic adventure with their international recipes that are BIG in taste and portions. Everything on the menu is good for more than 2 persons! Be sure to bring a friend or be ready to take home the leftovers.


For (kinda) health conscious eaters like me, I recommend the Blossoming Spinach Dip for starters. It's real spinach leaves (unshredded) that glides smoothly on your palette, you can feel it's freshness and goodness right away.

bigby's cafebigby's cafe
Passion Fish | Mojo Chicken Q

Next to try is the Ticky Wacky Chicken Salad. Again, full of beneficial greens topped with chicken salad that serves as the dressing. I love how I enjoyed the food knowing I'm doing my body and skin a favor.

For the main course, choose the Mojo Chicken Q that's served with a variety of lettuce leaves and rice (you can pass the rice to your seatmate). The chicken is ultra-soft and boneless with the right amount of tangy sweet sauce. Or, for a much healthier and leaner choice, opt for the Passion Fish. Fresh creamdory fillet topped with special breadings for a tasty contrast of flavor.

bigby's cafe

Bigby's Rack-a-Bye-Ribs is the megastar of the menu. Packed with protein and savory smoky flavor, it is also served with fresh unbuttered veggies steamed and shocked to sweet veggie perfection. Tip: Enjoy the ribs and keep your waist by skipping the rice :)

Most of the items at Bigby's come with healthy and crisp greens, Bigby's deserves a thumbs up for this. No wonder, celebs have already flocked to Bigby's for a stylish yet healthy gastronomic experience.

bigby's cafebigby's cafe
bigby's cafebigby's cafe

Visit their website at to know more about this cafe that has its roots in Cagayan de Oro. Entertain your friends and colleagues in style at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant found at the 3rd floor, Atrium of SM Megamall. We had a great time here yesterday and you MUST try them too. See you there!


Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

love your outfit, except for the shoes

Style and Relax said...

thanks Joni! I do need to get new pumps :)

You should visit Bigby's when you come to the Philippines.