01 August 2009

5 Sure-Fire Beauty Habits to Look Younger

There are hundreds of beauty tips, from the most natural to the unimaginable ones. But, what are the simplest yet sure-fire habits you can follow to make yourself look better and even younger?

Become as blooming as these flowers!

After watching countless health and lifestyle shows daily, (and reading online health journals) Style and Relax pins down the most effective beauty habits ever.

1. Eating 5 Servings of Fruit Daily – not one but five is the magic number when it comes to fruits. They are the most natural yet most effective source of vitamins and minerals. The easiest fruits to grab are bananas, apples, oranges, mangoes, and pineapple. Canned fruits are available in stores for better convenience if you are having a hard time getting fresh produce. However, fresh is always best.

2. Take Vitamin C Supplements – everyday is a stressful day, and each time you get stressed – your body releases Vitamin C to different parts of your body. The more stress you have, the less Vitamin C is retained in your body. Vitamin C is great for the skin, dermatologists always recommend this to me along with Vitamin A. To count, 4 of my total dermatologists have recommend Vitamin C supplements for better skin.

3. Walk, Run, or Jump – anything at all to get your body moving at least 30 minutes a day. Starting an exercise routine is not easy but if it is as simple as taking a stroll or mild jogging in the morning – you are more likely to “just do it”. Observe how your skin glows after a workout session, sweat is the best skin cleanser after all. Not only that but when you set your mind on a goal, you feel better about yourself and people will notice your more positive and young attitude in life.

4. 2.2 Liters of Water a Day – I will write this everyday until all of you drin k the right
amount of water! This is approximately 9 cups of water for women and men must drink 3 liters of water daily. Water is our body’s moisturizer and without it, you cannot flush out toxins that cause aging or deliver the nutrients you get from eating fruits to different parts of the body.

5. Your Lips Give Your Age Away – Fuller and luscious lips mean yummy young! Take care of your lips by putting petroleum jelly on them before going to sleep. During the day, put on a lip balm with sun protection. Drinking enough water also helps keep your lips looking ooh la la ;)