25 August 2009

Shopping at Rustan's

Top and Bottom from Red at Rustan's

Shopping is like oxygen, and when you haven't had it for a long time - it feels so good to just breathe it in and have as much as you can. That's how starved for shopping I am and maybe, most of the busy ladies as well.

One of the best places to enjoy shopping like a royalty is at Rustan's. Eversince it has been known for upscale brands and luxurious shopping experience. Unlike other department stores, it is very obvious how fewer shoppers come and go at Rustan's. The staff look like they work in a hotel and it is very easy to get help.

The golden ticket to shopping heaven

The fitting rooms at Rustan's is spacious enough for a photo shoot, perfect lighting, and a neat couch to plop on when you get tired of fashion decisions :) As the items do not come cheap, you need all the brain power to imagine your closet, pick up items that you can mix and match, and make sure that they are the right size.

There's a small cafeteria on the 3rd floor near the toys section

Yza, the store attendant was very helpful in getting all the colors I want, in different sizes. I was so comfortable shopping that it was fairly easy to decide which clothes to get. In paying, you don't even have to stand up waiting as there are plenty of nice couches to sit on and they'll just hand your purchase to you. Lovely!

Spend your next shopping time at Rustan's, won't you?