19 August 2009

Online Shopping with GCASH Click

Loaded and ready to shop!

It's always a great surprise receiving GCASH from friends and family, or reloading your GCASH wallet for a therapeutic online shopping spree. Almost every one of a kind multiply online stores accept GCASH and it has saved us lots of time from depositing money to our seller's bank accounts.

And just when we thought it couldn't get better, GCASH has improved its service through a safer and more hassle-free method of online buying and selling. Meet the new GCASH Click!

GCASH Click! services both buyer and seller with its partnership with a renowned courier service company - Delbros. Sellers are sure to receive payment and at the same time, buyers are sure to receive their item and only pay for it after inspection. Like with most deliveries, buyers can track the current location of their purchase whether it be a stunning black dress or the latest shade of mineral make up :) Delbros also picks up the item from the seller making it more convenient from them. It's shopping and selling without leaving your home.

One of the early adopters of this online shopping revolution is the famous ran by Anna. Her top selling beauty items include Natuform, Kojic Soaps, Zhen de Shou, Erase, and more.

So start shopping and selling 'till you drop, log on to