08 August 2009

Style Scene: Globe Tattoo's GI Joe Screening

Celebrated Globe Tattoo's tie-up with Universal International Pictures through a quaint dinner at Marina and of course, a GI Joe movie treat! :)

Mari Litonjoa and Anna Mendoza, Veca Keeler

Enrico Subido and the GI Joe people

Globe Tattoos are now available in GI Joe skins and if you have any other brand of USB modems, bring it to any Globe center and they'll tattoo it for free!

Thou Reyes and Mickey Perz, Robi Domingo

During the screening, we spotted ASAP celebrities and Going Bulilit Kids. Everybody's happy with their Globe Tattoos and GI Joe movie.

I like my GI Joe Baroness Globe Tattoo because it's Sienna Miller:

Time to put the Tattoo to the test but meanwhile, check out for more info.